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I recently participated in “10 Words or Less,” a popular video series hosted by former journalist Michael Prager who writes on sustainable lifestyles and food. Prager reached out to me via Twitter, thanks to a recommendation from Asheen.

As we got started, he reminded me that “10 Words” is an ethic, not a limit. The conversation, despite a couple of technical hiccups – I’m still not sold on Google hangouts – was interesting and covered good ground.


Name Aman Singh
Born when, where New Delhi, India, Sept. 15.
The year? “Earlier in the decade of the gas leak in Bhopal.”
Anything notable about the circumstances? “At that time, parents did not find out the sex of their child. My parents wanted a boy, had a boy’s name picked out, but they had a girl and stuck with the name.”
How’s that working for you? “I think it empowered me. My name in Punjabi, which is my native language, means peace. I’m quite the contrarian, but they had the right thought in mind.”
Where do you live? “New Jersey.”
Family circumstance “I’m happily married to a car geek, also from my hometown Delhi, and we have a 14-month-old son.”
When did you move to the US?

Grab the rest on MichaelPrager.com.